Never again dial into your individual authorization units to set fuel prices. The fuel cloud gives you full pricing control. Set prices for each product at each and every site from one location.

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Eliminate the need to dial into individual units to set prices!  Use the Fuel Cloud to maintain prices for all your units.  Once set, the total dollar value of fuel dispensed on every transaction is recorded and presented in the cloud.  Of course, you have already paid for the fuel in the ground... these prices are used to allocate fuel expenses by department or can be used to charge any guest fuel accounts you may allow to fuel at your location.  You can set pricing from the delivery screen or use the quick Set Price form where you can specify a date range.  Ekos also allows you to upcharge your guest fuel accounts.


The digital file cabinet stores all your compliance and other important site documents for 24/7 access. When it comes to paperwork it’s not just about filing but also about organizing and standardizing your files.

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Organizing and storing documentation for your fuel sites is critical but often overlooked.  With the Filing Cabinet app, you can store compliance documentation, codes, regulations, ordinances, warranty documentation, manufacturers’ manuals, wiring diagrams, site surveys, engineering diagrams for tanks and much more.  This organization and access is invaluable in the event of an environmental audit, site construction, or during standard repair work.


How much time do you spend polling equipment to retrieve daily transactions? With the Fuel Cloud, there is absolutely no need to poll equipment. No matter how many units you have in the field tracking transactions, the Fuel Cloud will present all your data in a single, consolidated view. Regain hours each week and rest assured knowing the Fuel Cloud has you covered.

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The amount of time spent polling equipment for transactions is a direct function of the number of sites you have.  Whether you have one fuel site or twenty, you know the amount of time and frustration involved in polling your equipment for transactions.  With the Fuel Cloud, this data is automatically updated daily for each and every site.  Need to review or export transactions?  The Fuel Cloud has industry leading data grids that allow you to filter on multiple fields, sort, search, and export the results to Excel.  Need data integration feed for your preventative maintenance software?  The Fuel Cloud automatically handles this as well.


There are certain sites and tank configurations where customers decide not to install onsite authorization control equipment. At times, even automated sites must be temporarily taken offline for service and repair work at the site. With the Digital Clipboard, the Fuel Cloud still has you covered.

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It is important to know where every drop of fuel goes whether it is for an uncontrolled site or a site with temporary tracking issues.  The Clipboard App allows you to track all fuel dispensed from each tank, even when your site is down or authorization equipment is not installed.  As tracking manual transactions is critical to your overall site operations and inventory reconciliation, we make this process easier than ever.  Ekos not only provides a quick entry form with a multi-ID lookup feature, the transaction grid has all the filter and export tools you need to review all your sites’ manual transactions or narrow the results to an individual location.

Over | Short

Professional site managers know reconciling fuel inventories is critical to operations and required for compliance. It is the responsibility of the site manager to ensure the company is not losing fuel to theft or contaminating the ground with a leak.

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The Over/Short App is one of the most powerful tools in the system!  Built to manage inventory reconciliation on a per tank basis, we developed a multi-site view for managers that are responsible for more than one site.  Quit spending hours reconciling inventory and used the time you save to investigate the underlying issues.  Since the Fuel Cloud knows your inventory readings and transaction data for each and every fuel tank, inventory reconciliation is automatically completed every single day! We do not stop with reconciling your inventory for you.  Instead, we turn data into intelligence and provide you tools to quickly determine why a tank is not reconciling.  Use the Month to Date dashboard to identify which tanks have a possible leak - overage or a possible leak – shortage.  Need to drill into a potential issue?  The Diagnostic Ribbon is there to assist in your investigation of possible leaks, thefts, or rain water accumulation.   The Leak Check Report provides an executive level, month-over-month view of your tanks and quickly identifies the tanks that have Passed or Failed the leak check.


Designed to help you manually record inventory levels, this feature will accommodate several needs when it comes to tracking your fuel. Record sticks readings for tanks without inventory monitoring equipment or use this app to verify readings from your inventory monitors.

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The Stick App allows you to record and track daily inventory readings for sites without any type of automated monitoring equipment.  You can also use this app to verify automated readings and deliveries.  And since everything is stored in the cloud, inventory readings entered directly in the field are instantaneously available online making it easier than ever to rapidly retrieve inventory levels from every site.

Inventory Search

Whether you need to quickly find historic inventory readings or you want to view all your readings in one place, the Inventory Search app make this fast and easy. The Inventory Search app provides a grid view for inventory readings for all sites and the ability to filter your results down to one location, one tank. Once you have found the data you need, click one button and the results are instantly downloaded to excel.

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Inventory readings are an essential element of site operations and the Inventory Reconciliation process.  Use this app to review, filter and export readings to investigate possible issues or to tally your total fuel usage per tank, product or site for a specific date range.


Use the extra time you save from the streamlined account maintenance and automated transaction presentment in the Fuel Cloud to take your insight into fueling operations to the next level. The Fuel Cloud provides industry leading, interactive reports that are designed to capture trends, identify exceptions, and keep you informed.

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Although we do not have enough space to describe the advanced reporting features available in the Fuel Cloud, we can effectively describe our methodology.  When designing reports, we start with the customer.  Our tools eliminate the need for you to spend hours compiling raw data into charts, graphs, and reports.  Instead of spending time creating reports, you have time to interpret and act on reports.  Depending on the context, we have interactive graphs and charts with drill down capabilities, interactive cross tabs, standard exception reports, and incredibly powerful data grids to help you narrow your results to the exact results you need.