Digitally store and track your supplier quotes and score them against the Fair Fuel Index. Quotes are displayed in grid and chart format allowing you to quickly identify the best price for a given day or review quoting trend per supplier over a period of time. Quotes are also displayed when dispatching fuel and are used to reconcile quoted prices to invoiced prices.

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Don’t just compare suppliers against suppliers.  The Quote vs. Fair Fuel Index Chart benchmarks the products you purchase and provides the cost savings results.  These results not only help you make buying decisions today but also provide your historical data to manage a healthy supplier relationship that could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Compare one or all suppliers at once.

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Why rely on a single supplier relationship? The Fuel Cloud allows you to quickly and efficiently manage multiple supplier relationships and streamlines your dispatching process through powerful onscreen analytic tools and standardized dispatches.

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Centralized bulk fuel purchasing is all about managing inventory and saving money.  Use our Bulk Fuel Dashboard to know when buy fuel and the Best Quote information to buy at the right price. Ekos has advanced tools built right into the fuel dispatch form that provides the most robust and flexible order system.  All fuel dispatch requests are automatically e-mailed to the supplier you have selected and are then digitally archived in your custom Paper Trail.


Managing your delivery information is critical to your site operations and is part of your financial responsibility. The Fuel Cloud makes recording your fuel delivery quick with our prefilled forms and automatically launches the reconciliation process which allows you to quickly compare quoted prices against delivered prices.

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Recording deliveries is important not only to operations and finance but also to your centralized purchasing department.  Ekos provides quick visibility to sites with pending deliveries.  Track requested gallons against net gallons, purchase orders, bills of lading, terminals and more for each delivery. Digitally record and access paperwork for all deliveries at have that information right at your fingertips.

Paper Trail

The Paper Trail is the heart of the reconciliation process. As the industry’s first supplier neutral quote to delivery reconciliation system, this feature highlights any price differences and organizes all required documentation for bulk fuel purchases.

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For tax and auditing purposes, paperwork such as bills of lading, driver tickets, and invoices must be kept for several years.  The Paper Trail provides you a rapidly accessibly and efficiently organized means of storing these documents.   This provides quick access to archived documentation for reviews and audits.  With every fuel delivery reconciled against the quote, the Paper Trail lets you know which deliveries to investigate and keeps the Paper Work at your fingertips for help when disputing an invoice or clarifying a charge.


The Scorecard scores your fuel purchases against the Fair Fuel Index and quickly presents savings (or losses) on each load.

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Although often overlooked, an essential part of fuel buying is reviewing historical purchases.  The scorecard lets you review your savings on a per product or per tank basis, compare how well you would have purchased if you focused on an alternative rack city, and discover trends in the way your suppliers price and invoice each load you receive.  Take a look today—it’s amazing what you might find!


Can you locate all of the fuel terminals and rack cities near each and every one of your fuel sites? With the Fuel Cloud, you can!

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One of our missions is to provide transparency to the fuel industry.  The first step towards transparency requires understanding fuel terminals and rack cities.  The Racks App maps your sites and allows you to locate your Home Rack and any other rack cities in the general vicinity of your fuel sites.  As an added bonus, we even calculate the distance from your site to each rack city in your Rack Network thereby giving you an advantage when choosing suppliers, understanding supply issues, and when reviewing distance based charges on freight bills.


The Fuel Cloud is a supplier neutral system! Professional fuel buyers receive prices from multiple suppliers for each and every purchase. This ensures you not only get the best prices but also helps maximize your “pool of supply” which is essential to maintaining continuous product delivery during supply shortages.

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How do you currently manage supply relationships?  With the Fuel Cloud, everything is centralized and efficiently organized.  Need to find a new supplier that can deliver to your fuel site?  No problem—the Supplier Directory provides the industry’s first and only national directory of fuel suppliers.  Quickly learn who can deliver to your sites, the products each supplier carries, the various transport capabilities, and much more.  Once you have identified a new supplier, simply add them to your account to begin dispatching fuel and taking advantage of all the powerful reconciliation tools offered in the Fuel Cloud.