Card management has never been easier! With the most robust card management interface in the industry, ekos walks you through the card ordering process with a visual, easy to use form that allows you to set purchasing controls for on and offsite authorization. Grid views with multi search filters and export makes it quick and easy to locate cards and keep your account up to date.

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Card management can be time consuming.  Ekos provides a grid or a visual card view that makes it easy to locate the cards you need to maintain or quickly create a new card.  Adding, updating and cancelling cards for onsite and offsite authorization controls are simple.  Review recent historical data with transactional charts, purchasing totals and transactional detail links for each card.


Vehicle management provides a streamlined asset tracking system. Store all your vehicle information including fuel class, tank capacity and ownership type. Vehicles can be tied to the fuel card or set as a Pin for pump authorization. Grid views with multi search filters make vehicle management quick and easy.

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It is important to store all attributes for your vehicles and assets.  Ekos provides a robust tracking system that includes storing the vehicle make and model, license, VIN, fuel type, tank capacity, ownership, and your unique vehicle ID.  Review recent historical data with transactional charts, purchasing totals and transactional detail links for each vehicle.  Know when your vehicle fuels more than the tank capacity or the correct fuel type with alerts and upload purchasing documents per vehicle.


Ekos make managing your drivers easy. Create new driver IDs or manage existing Driver IDs with just a few fields. All transactions require a valid Driver ID to authorize both onsite and offsite fuel purchases and ekos maps transactions to the appropriate driver for reporting. Departmental your drivers for reporting and view access for departmental users in the system.

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Adding, updating and terminating drivers only take a few seconds!  View driver details, transaction charts and quick links to transaction details for each driver in the system.  Drivers can be tied to the card or set as a PIN to authorize fuel purchases.  Review recent historical data with transactional charts, purchasing totals and transactional detail links for each driver.  Know what your drivers are purchasing by setting alerts per driver and upload driver reports or other documents to store for quick access from any computer.


The Finance department needs the numbers to match to the penny! We created the Accounting app for quick access to the current offsite invoice detail that matches the offsite fuel invoice perfectly. There is no need to hunt or search for your matching transactional detail. This app provides the export to Excel data by department with just one click.

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Do you use specific accounting software and need custom file integration?  No problem, ekos has integrated with several accounting systems, such as Munis and NCAS,  and can easily customize for your specific needs.


Use the extra time you save from the streamlined account maintenance and automated transaction presentment in the Fuel Cloud to take your insight into fueling operations to the next level. The Fuel Cloud provides industry leading, interactive reports that are designed to capture trends, identify exceptions, and keep you informed.

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Although we do not have enough space to describe the advanced reporting features available in the Fuel Cloud, we can effectively describe our methodology.  When designing reports, we start with the customer.  Our tools eliminate the need for you to spend hours compiling raw data into charts, graphs, and reports.  Instead of spending time creating reports, you have time to interpret and act on reports.  Depending on the context, we have interactive graphs and charts with drill down capabilities, interactive cross tabs, standard exception reports, and incredibly powerful data grids to help you narrow your results to the exact results you need.


Know where your money is being spent. Ekos not only provides the site information in the transactional details, its put them on the Map. The Map app is a great visual tool to assist you in possible future site development and theft detection. Ekos combines onsite and offsite fuel purchases, ranks them by site and provides multiple filters so you can quickly view all transactions across the country.

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Using Google maps, ekos totals your volume and provides markers with tools so you can see and stay informed about where your drivers are purchasing fuel.  Click on a site balloon for totals and direct links to the transactional information.  The map has multiple filters and view options.  Choose a corporate or departmental filter, date range or a single product to narrow the map results.  Use density, spidering, and grouping for a high level volume view or satellite view to zoom to see the facility.


It is our philosophy that you own your data! The Search app is a great tool that providing you with a query approach with multiple filters including product type, onsite and offsite, department and more. This is the perfect app to download a large data set for historical analysis.

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Transactions are the heart of tracking your company’s total fuel consumption.  The Search app provides you with the ability to consolidate your search for both onsite and offsite purchases.  Get quick totals or export the results to excel for custom analysis.  With date range selector and multiple filter options you can quickly narrow your search!