Wholesale Fuel


When you purchase bulk fuel from Go Energies, LLC you can expect VIP service. Our customer-driven attitude, combined with our market experience and detailed delivery information, provides you the best end-to-end fuel solution. Combined with our fuel management software, you get the most comprehensive bulk fuel solution in the market today!


Market knowledge and guidance
  • With extensive industry experience and knowledge, our team can advise you on market movements and impending supply issues which will help plan your fuel deliveries and optimize your purchasing dollar.


Personalized pricing
  • We can provide fuel quotes in a number of ways. Most customers choose to have nightly prices sent for delivery the following day. However, we can also accommodate same-day delivery quotes and meet any bid requirements that you may have.


Peace of mind
  • We know for our customers, running out of fuel is not an option. Many of our customers choose to let us monitor inventories and schedule deliveries to make sure they never run out of fuel -while still receiving a competitive price for every delivery. We also keep an eye on tanks we are not required to monitor, so you always have a second pair of eyes on your inventory!
  • We also provide automated delivery notification to any number of recipients. *


Lightning fast, detailed invoices
  • Our invoices are normally processed within 1-2 days of delivery; most of our customers receive invoices the following day. Upon request, we can accommodate same-day invoices. Our invoices include:
    • State contract comparison price, if applicable
    • Separate line items for taxes and/or fees
    • Detailed delivery information that includes net and gross gallons delivered into specific tanks
    • Customer PO number


Digital repository for fuel documents
  • Every wholesale fuel customer is provided online access to our secure myekos.com papertrail feature. Here you will be able to access all of your delivery documents, including:
    • Copy of fuel invoice (available immediately after invoice is sent)
    • Detailed driver ticket *
    • Copies of bills of lading for every delivery


Flexibility to meet every need
  • We maintain excellent, nationwide supply relationships with all the major fuel suppliers.
  • We service every type of customer, including municipalities, industrial operations, marinas, school systems, and both small and large commercial companies.
  • We utilize both short truck and transport trucks to accommodate any size site or tank.


*Indicates feature provided by Go Energies Logistics, LLC